SCS Consulting Ltd is a small IT and Software developer company. We started our business in 1994.
Our focus is development and support of customer software and IT solutions.
All our software runs as Software as a service (SaaS).
Examples of software products we developed include:
- mini ERP system (customers: Delfina Ltd, LTDV Ltd., Magnetico Ltd.)
- software for shops including e-shop solution (customers: Doll and Cat, Scarperia Ltd., I Love Fashion TV Bulgaria, Ruskomers Ltd and more);
- conference software - SciConf (customers: BAS, Bulgaria, href="http://abo.fi" target="_blank">Abo Akademi, Finland, BFIEC, Bulgaria, Union of Chemists in Bulgaria and more);
Some of the scientific event we support are:
- Europacat 7 (28 August 2005 - 01 September 2005);
- Europacat 8 (26-31 August 2007);
- XVII EuCheMS Conference on Organometallic Chemistry(1-6 September 2007);

Recommendation letter from Prof. Johan Warna, Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry and Reaction Engineering, Abo Akademi University
Recommendation letter from Assoc. Prof. Chavdar Bonev, Institute of Catalysis, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences